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It was a lovely day in the mushroom kingdom (wait oops wrong  storySweating a little... lets try that again.)

It was a lovely day in new mobotropolis. there was clear skies and surprisingly, eggman did not try to take it over as usual. so it was a kind of a boring day for the freedom fighters. especially for princess/ff leader sally acorn.

little did sally know that tonight that the boredom was suddenly going to vanish.

it was getting dark so sally was getting tired, "woo i am getting sleepy, i think i'll get some shuteye." minutes later she was out cold but about an hour later she woke up.....ONLY TO SEE THAT SHE WAS HOGTIED AND TAILS WAS DEVIOUSLY STANDING BEHIND HER WITH HER BARE, FURRY, BROWN PAWS STICKING OUT TWORDS TAILS AND SHE CAN'T MOVE AT ALL!!!

"Tails what is the meaning of all this....and why am i hogtied and my boots are on the floor?!!" sally asked confused. "well sally, i was getting REALLY bored so i thought i could FIRE things up a, A LOT!" Tails said with an evil smirk on his face.

NOW the fun gets started.

"Tails....what are you doing??" sally said kind of scared.

instead of replying with words, he replied with picking up a plastic bag and taking something out of it. That something turned out to be a big, red feather.

"oh nooooo!!!" sally yelled but before she can yell for help tails started to rub the feather against those very cute paws of sally's.


"yes, i have you where i want.... now to kick it up a notch!"

the fox dropped the feather and now was turning around, ONLY TO START USING HIS TWIN TAILS TO START TICKLING THE CHIPMUNKS PAWS AGAIN!!


Tails continued to do this for the next 10 minutes he stopped for a little bit so that sally can breathe but then tail's face started to head to the paws of sally. before she knew it tails was licking her feet, the sensation was unbearable.


The next and final thing the young and satisfied fox did was he opened his mouth and took in sally's toes and started to suck and lick them from inside his mouth it wasn't much tickling to sal but rather more enjoyable.

"hehehetails stop ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels nice."

sal started to wiggle her toes inside tail's mouth and some of her red nail polish flaked off
"oh yeaaahhhhhhh it taste like cherries mmmmmmm"

eventually they both fell asleep and the next day sal was untied and they both promised to act liked it never happened but before tails left sal said:

"tails don't think you will totally get way with this i will come but you won't know when until it happens." 
tails did not say anything instead he smirked a little bit and flew off.

to be continued.........

it was a boring day in new mobotropolis especially sally acorn
little she know that was about to abruptly change.

guys don't hate me for bad setup. it's my first fanfic and i am really excited
don't pay attention to the errors....only to the plot.
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